Education and Community Outreach

Addressing sustainable energy and climate change issues involves more than research innovation.

We seek to become a leader in education on sustainability and environmental justice across VCU and the broader community. We work directly with students, faculty, policymakers and community groups alike to implement real change from the local to international level.

The ISEE provides a space for community-building, through mentorship, collaboration, research and outreach. We have and will continue to work with faculty to develop climate crisis-related curriculum that introduces interdisciplinary perspectives, emphasizes experiential learning, and uplifts environmental justice and diversity, equity and inclusion as integral for a sustainable world. We’re seeking partnerships with similar programs at local Historically Black Colleges and Universities and at diverse high schools in the Richmond area.

Along with others at VCU, such as the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs, we are engaged in a variety of public policy and outreach efforts in Virginia and beyond. Our mission is to strengthen and coordinate those efforts, and ultimately increase VCU’s public facing presence on matters of energy, the environment and climate change.

From organizing public lectures, community events and workshops, to collaborating directly with elected officials and government agencies, our efforts can be felt throughout the community. Our mission is to support local grassroots organizations who are fighting for environmental justice, as well as evaluate current policy and governance structures, in order to pioneer a just and sustainable world for both us and our environment.

Education and Community Outreach Contacts

damian pitt
Damian Pitt, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Policy and Community Engagement
beth kreydatus
Beth Kreydatus, Ph.D.
Faculty Lead on Education and Outreach
william muth
William Muth, Ph.D.
Faculty Lead on Education and Outreach