Striving to research, develop and implement sustainable energy solutions for a better future

The Institute for Sustainable Energy and Environment (ISEE) provides a forum for VCU students and faculty to pursue innovative scientific, technological, policy and social justice solutions addressing the climate and energy crisis.

Addressing sustainable clean energy and the environment is a complex issue. It requires scientists to develop the fundamental understanding of materials for renewable energy production and storage; capture, sequestration and conversion of CO2 produced by fossil fuels; engineers to transform the basic understanding to produce devices; social scientists addressing issues impacting the daily lives of people due to climate change; biologists addressing ecological issues; political scientists addressing policy issues that impact climate change regulations; and outreach activities to educate the public and the students about issues of climate change.

The ISEE was established to coordinate and facilitate collaboration across the varied disciplines who study this important issue. We support multidisciplinary collaborations across departments, schools and colleges at VCU, as well as national and international collaborations.

At the university level, we provide educational opportunities that supplement and build upon the current sustainable energy and environment curriculum at VCU, such as courses, guest lectures, workshops, research projects and mentorship. At the community and societal level, we are building partnerships with government agencies, policymakers and nonprofit organizations that work to address the climate crisis. We’re committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, and we uplift environmental justice as one of our top priorities.


  • Create new and efficient materials and devices for clean and sustainable energy
  • Develop innovations in carbon capture, sequestration and productive conversion
  • Understand the impacts of climate change on natural and human ecosystems, with an emphasis on ecological adaptation and environmental justice
  • Analyze policy solutions and actively engage with policymakers at the local, state and federal levels to pursue those solutions
  • Educate graduate and undergraduate students on energy, environmental and climate change issues, and train them for careers in these fields
  • Work with the broader community to gain a shared understanding of climate change impacts, challenges and potential solutions