Our mission is to address the existential threat of climate change by creating sustainable energy systems and sustainable ecologies, while educating students and working with community partners to meet these challenges.

Our vision is to pursue innovative scientific, technological, policy and social justice solutions addressing the climate and energy crisis. This includes innovations in clean, secure and energy efficient systems, carbon capture and other mitigation strategies, sustainable ecosystems and environmental justice. We will disseminate knowledge on sustainable energy and environments through patents and commercialization, publications, community outreach, and engagement with policymakers and pedagogy.

Furthermore, we seek to be Virginia’s leading source of expertise on education, outreach, policy and community engagement in the realms of clean energy, climate change adaptation and environmental justice.

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VCU launches Institute for Sustainable Energy and Environment

The institute will help faculty from across the university work on projects that address the issue of sustainable energy and the climate change crisis.

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Collaboration and sharing are at the core of our mission.

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RVA Climate Teach-In

Date: Friday, Mar 31, 2023

Student-led and RVA ecojustice organizations are holding a major Climate Teach-in on Friday, March 31st in Cabell Library, Room 303.